“Self-Fulfillment” is the new motivational song by The Carey James (Prod. Morelove Music)

Today is out the new single “Self-Fulfilment” from the Jamaican reggae singer The Carey James. He’s a multi-faceted recording Artist, song writer, musician and producer based in Kingston, Jamaica. Armed with a plethora of lyrics, talent and the attitude to excel, he aims to give listeners an euphoric feeling each time they hear his music.

He is born in 1989 in Jamaica’s second main city Montego Bay. Carey James has been in love with music from as long as he can remember. He started pursuing music actively when he got the opportunity to play drums at church during when he was a teen ager. This transformed into composing instrumentals while still in high school and he has been developing all aspects of his music since then.

“Self-Fulfillment”, recorded at Pot of Gold Studio (Kingston) is available from March 28th 2021 in all digital stores. (Clic the link below)


“Self-Fulfillment” is a motivational song highlighting the mindset required to obtain goals in life. The title track and first single from his upcoming EP, “Self-Fulfillment” encapsulates different elements of The Carey James’ journey towards musical success, his lifelong dream. The song challenges people to dig deep and keep working, even through the tough times, which is something he believes is necessary to help the world out of the current pandemic and economic decline. “Self-Fulfillment” is produced by the Italian label, Morelove Music, the lyrics are written by The Carey James himself, the beat is composed by Italian musicians Papa Leu, Maestro Garofalo and Fossa Drummer. 


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