F.A.M.E. FESTIVAL / The first edition in Barbados will start on the 18th of May

Next month it’s time for the first edition of F.A.M.E. Festival, the new project gather two main people: Margit  who is living in Barbados and Bady who felt in love with the island and its culture after she had the occasion to travel there several times for business. “More people are helping to make it possible, some locals and foreigners professionals”, the humble main promoter Badraine Lejeune said to our michrophones…

“At the beginning all started because of our love for the island, for the culture” – she continued – “Also for the international melting pot we found there and the love for art. We decided for the first edition to do one entire day and night, looking for the next editions to be longer.”

FAME is a movement of Food, Art and Music lovers that want to get people together to enjoy life with respect for the Environment. The Fame team organises Festivals middle term focus is the Caribbean and South America where local artists get a podium next to international names. Part of the festival is creation of awareness for environmental local issues, education to healthiness through the discovery of necessities : healthy food & activities.


FAME team invites you to an event where you can relax and enjoy a gathering using all your senses.

FAME stands for FOOD, ART, MUSIC and ENVIRONMENT, the main topics of our event.

Savour healthy, fresh and local food and drinks with respect for the environment.

Participate in art workshops, enjoy sports activities and art displayed alongside joyful music performances.

The line up joins Caribbean with International known acts as Lee Scratch Perry, godfather of this first edition.

Enjoy both the inner and outer environment, with time slots where yoga sessions, lectures on nature and health practitioners doing mini consults (massages…) will happen!


FOOD is an essential part of everyone’s lives. It gives us the energy and nutrients to grow and develop, in a way to be healthy and active, but also to move, work, play, think and learn… The world produces enough food for everyone but the spread is not fair. Yet every 5 seconds a child dies of hunger or malnutrition and over 800 million people still go to bed hungry. This is why FAME Team is standing for a conscious alimentation. All food specialist & stands will have to provide local, fresh and quality products.

ART is infinitely adaptable, and necessary to each culture. Art is something that reveals the hidden truth. Art is something that is the essential part of human life, it plays an immense role in our society. In each one’s life we need new innovative ideas, we need some creative ways to express our feelings, to approach others with understanding feelings. This is why FAME Team is welcoming Bajan local artistes to come and show their arts and crafts to a mix public made of locals and foreigners. Promoting Bajan culture, educating children to different way to express their feelings, point of view. Art is a storyteller.

MUSIC is in everything around us, nature, movement… we are surrounded by sounds and we live with them in harmony. Music is the expression of the soul and it brings people together, to enjoy moments as Festivals. FAME Team is aware that music is the best way to gather people and stir up emotions as joy, excitement… This is why we selected many talented artistes to perform at our festival, headliners joining forces to local artistes in a way to promote Bajan music. We want to push Bajan culture and its artistes and create an atmosphere where local artists get a podium next to international names. Fame Festival line up is eclectic passing from gospel, to reggae, to soca without forgetting some sunny house music. Open to all kind of music lovers

ENVIRONMENT is an important issue, we have to start living sustainably, it’s our new challenge with great opportunities for all. We are responsible for the future of our children and we have to learn to fully protect our environment. Humanity’s entire life support system depends on the well-being of all the species living on earth (plants, animals…). This is why FAME Team dedicated one of its topic to environment, and to its protection. Some conferences will take place in the morning & during the day, and some videos will be projected on the stages during the intermissions in a way to educate and give opportunities to the people, children coming to have more ideas to how live life better through the conscious of their own sensibilities and the world around. Our philosophy : Protect your environment to better yourself !


What ?

  • Create F.A.M.E MICROCOSM : Eco-friendly / Ethic / Democratic / Open to ALL ( Free for Children under 14).

  • Stimulate Caribbean music industry

  • Support Caribbean Economy

  • Make discover international and local artistes

  • Make customers enjoying a unique experience through meeting and sharing

  • Spotlights on important topics : Environment / Health)

  • Make F.A.M.E Festival a brand internationally known & export the concept in other countries of the word.

How ?

  • Organizing  and set up different areas dedicated to art, music, food & environment gather in a place (bellow more details reg each category).

  • Developing awareness, consciousness about the environment.

  • Educate & Share vital informations to people and children.

  • Partnerships/Supports by different locals & internationals actors (brands, media, universities, doctors…).

  • Inviting international headliners to support local artist

Where ?
  • Culture Yard, Ocean Stables, Newcastle, St John, Barbados. The choice of taking this venue came with our interest to find a place in Barbados surrounded by nature, where the environment is visible. We want to create a microcosm where people can make a real connection with each other, and the Culture Yard atmosphere allow it. Following the eco-friendly and family friendly values we assure that the venue will provide all needed to keep a festival in a different vibe. Nothing to compare with the events going on in Barbados Island. Something completely organic & natural. s, push local creations.

Lee Scratch Perry (JA)

Mad Professor (UK)

Dennis Bovell from Matumbi (BB)

Macky Banton (UK)

Red Star Lion (BB)

Tabhita (BB)

Angela Patrice (BB)

Sista Mary (UK)

Dub Conductor (UK)

Tuff  (BB)

Ayito (FR)

DB Step (BB)

Day Dream (JA)

Albert & the Culture Yard house band (BB)

Check the plane tickets, don’t lose the chance to explore the culture of Barbados and enjoy great music at the same time.

Eugenia Conti

Interview with Anthony B (2018) : “Reggae is not about death. It is an influential music across many cultures”

We interviewed Anthony B once again in Amsterdam after his show in Melkweg during the Reggaeville Special Easter Event. Waiting for the Original Fyah Man’s new upcoming album and while he is promoting his last two singles “Rub a Dub Party” and “Reggae Soul Sister”, we had the chance to talk with him about different topics : consciousness, unity and the power of reggae as musical genre able to cross every barrier.

“Stop fighting reggae music” official videoclip will be available soon on Youtube. This song is about the real message of reggae. Anthony B told us this music is not about hating or killing people, but it’s something about peace and love. It means to stay together without differences of age, color or race.

Interviewer : Eugenia Conti

Shooting : J LOF

Editing : Gege Vibes Production

DJ’S & PRODUCERS COLUMN / Gege Vibes introduces the young producer Frank Filograna from Salento, Italy (Germaica Digital)

Frank Filograna is an italian reggae dj & producer based on Salento (South Italy). He is 31 years old, but already active from about sixteen years.

At the beginning he was a component of ​”​Selection Master​”​, a very musically prolific crew​ from his area. Secondly, he founded ​his label “Filomuzik​”​ and soon after it becames part of the independent “Unemployment Records”, with witch he realizes many international collaborations publishing roots and dub vinyls.

​Actually he is a member of ​”​Veebrazion​”​, an historic local sound system​ from Salento and​ also responsible for programming and promoting musical events in his peninsula.

His style is a roots/dub with a touch of hip-hop and soul, influenced by the Jamaican and Uk scene.

Among his productions we can often find also remixes. In this field, when Frank is attracted by some specific world success, he tries to reinterpret them in very personal reggae-hiphop key.

This is also the case of “Rockstar”, whose melody of the refrain and the Post Malone flow have captured Frank so much to take him, together with Adriano Sure, to give life to a captivating version of this worldwide hit. Then, Frank Filograna started the collaboration with Fabi Benz, a popular dj’s and producer from Germany. This link up allowed Frank to meet the boss of Germaica Digital (the prestigious german label well known for the production of Riddims as Doctor Darling Riddim) that decided to produce it.

SOUNDCLOUD LINK : https://m.soundcloud.com/germaica/frank-filograna-vs-post-malone-rockstar-ft-21-savage-reggae-remix 


EP REVIEW / “Anomale frequenze” dei No Finger Nails (2016)


È da pochissimo uscito “Anomale frequenze”, ultimo ep della formazione made in Salento No Finger Nails composta da Andrea Presicce (producer/dub master) Gianni De Donno (Fisarmonica from La Rocha) e Sandro Sax Nocco (sax from Bundamove). L’ep contiene 2 tracks in free download : Original+Dub.
Production&Mixing :No finger nails
Master: B4S Befor Studio – Luca De Biase
Vocal:Danilo Leanza aka SAM D #CasaPazRecords


I già noti dub master salentini continuano la loro fruttuosa ricerca musicale tra “frequenze” dub e sonorità più “anomale”.
Dopo averci già accompagnato per un’ intera estate in viaggi sonori tra note gitane e salentine con la fisarmonica di Gianni De Donno (La Rocha) e le loro ricercate frequenze dub, questa volta si interfacciano con Sam D,un giovane rapper Salentino di Soleto, per il loro primo featuring.
Sam D muove i suoi primi passi nella scena musicale reggae e hip-hop a cavallo tra i millenni fino ad arrivare oggi ad esibirsi nei locali più caldi del Salento.

Della sua collaborazione con NFN dice:“Per me è stata un’esperienza meravigliosa!Lavorare accanto ad un genio musicale come Andrea Presicce non è una cosa da tutti i giorni. Posso dire che è un onore e lui è un grande dub master”.
Andrea Presicce dal canto suo ha dichiarato : “La musica non ha confini, non ha classificazioni. Lei c’è sempre e in forme diverse. Frequenze che vengono plagiate, adattate solo in parte al gusto personale, non serve per guadagno o popolarità! Abbiamo dato sfogo alla libera espressione in ANOMALE FREQUENZE“.

Se volete ascoltare i No Finger Nails in Puglia ecco il link per il prossimo evento live che si terrà alle manifatture Knos di Lecce.


Valentina Rubino

Damian Marley in Lecce reportage / Jr Gong smashs up the place during his exclusive date in South italy


Non è stato un caso che l’unica data in Italia del Sud di Damian Marley si sia svolta la scorso due settembre proprio a Lecce. Si sa infatti che il capoluogo del Salento da sempre vanta una gran concentrazione di appassionati e cultori del reggae. Il merito della diffusione di questo genere va soprattutto ai Sud Sound System che 25 anni fa hanno portato per la prima volta sul proprio territorio le sonorità dell’isola caraibica. Sembrava quindi doveroso che fossero proprio Don Rico, Terron Fabio e Nandu Popu ad aprire il live di Jr Gong. La massive ha atteso fomentatissima che arrivasse il momento catartico. Dall’intera regione interi pullman hanno raggiunto la location di Masseria Ospitale per assistere allo show del più giovane della seconda generazione Marley. Quando Damian è salito sul palco al suono della sua storica hit dancehall / dubstep “Make it Bun dem” feat. Skrillex la folla è impazzita fin dal principio.

Come si suol dire una partenza col botto. Tutto lo spettacolo di oltre un’ora e un quarto è stato sentitissimo dal pubblico che ha fatto da perenne accompagnatore alla reggae star ed alla sua band. I musicisti non sono stati da meno creando un sound spettacolare con una batteria prepotente ed una tastiera sublime. Le due coriste hanno colpito in particolare gli spettatori perché oltre ad avere una voce da paura hanno ballato scatenate on the stage per tutto il tempo seguendo perfettamente il ritmo.

Molto simbolico anche lo sbandieratore che non ha mai smesso di sventolare un enorme drappo sul quale era rappresentato ovviamente un leone. Non solo adrenalina durante suoi pezzi esplosivi come “Set up shop” e “Welcome to jamrock”, ma anche brividi ed emozioni intense quando Jr Gong ha voluto omaggiare il padre Bob eseguendo alcuni suoi pezzi come “Could you be loved”, “Exodus” e “Get Up Stand Up”.

Una pioggia di stelle ha incorniciato la voce del singer jamaicano in una bellissima notte di settembre.

Terminato il suo live a continuare a far danzare i presenti ci ha pensato Gappy Ranks, singer inglese dallo stile molto dancehall che ha chiuso il bellissimo evento promosso dall’agenzia leccese “Molly’s Art” con una marea di fresh and positive vibes.

It was not a coincidence that the only date in South Italy of Damian Marley was the last 2 September just in Lecce. It is known that the capital of Salento always has a large concentration of enthusiasts reggae lovers. The merit of the diffusion of this kind was of Sud Sound System that 25 years ago led for the first time on their territory the sounds of the Caribbean island. It seemed so right that Don Rico, Terron Fabio and Nandu Popu to open the life of Jr Gong. The massive was very hot and waiting for the arrival of the cathartic moment. A lot of busses from the whole region have reached the location of Ospitale Masseria to watch the show of the youngest of Marley’s second generation. When Damian took the stage the sound of his historic hit dancehall / dubstep “Make it Bun dem” feat. Skrillex made the whole massive go crazy. The show started with a bang. The show was more than an hour and and the public was the constant companion to the reggae star and his band. The musicians were not outdone by creating a spectacular sound with a bully drummer and a sublime keyboarder. The two chorists were especially good viewers because apart of their beautiful voice they unleashed dance on the stage all the time by following the rhythm perfectly. Very symbolic even the flag-waver who has never stopped waving a huge cloth on which was obviously represented a lion. Not only adrenaline during its explosive tracks like “Set up shop” and “Welcome to Jamrock”, but also chills and intense emotions when Jr Gong wanted to give a tribute to his father Bob performing some of his songs such as “Could you be loved”, “Exodus” and “Get Up Stand Up”. A lot of stars framed by Damian’s voice in a beautiful September night. After his live the event continued with Gappy Ranks, english singer by dancehall style that ended the nice event promoted by the agency from Lecce “Molly’s Art”.

Articolo Eugenia Conti

Photo Gallery Francesco Sciolti 

ROTOTOM SUNSPLASH DAY 05 / Inner Circle e Dub Inc : è magia al Festival


Grande quinta giornata del Rototom Sunsplash a Benicassim in Spagna. Quattro i nomi che si sono esibiti sul main stage del 17 agosto : the Congos, Gentleman & Dub Club, Inner Circle e Dub Inc.

I Congos sono una formazione storica jamaicana. Reggae band dagli anni ’70 possono essere annoverati tra le leggende del genere. Lo show è stato molto coinvolgente e piacevole. Il sound della band d’altronde era ottimo. Abbiamo incontrato il gruppo after show e conoscendoli un po’ da vicino abbiamo potuto constatare la loro umiltà. Nonostante gli oltre trenta anni di carriera i Congos sono persone alla mano e che amano interagire con i propri supporters. Potremo approfondirne la storia nell’intervista video che uscirà a breve sul nostro portale.

Sul main stage è stato poi il turno di Gentleman & Dub Club. Il noto reggae singer made in Uk si è esibito in un interessante live con un sound del tutto rinnovato, con una nuova band molto più dub ed è stato apprezzato positivamente dalla massive. L’artista ha girato quest’estate diversi dei Festival più importanti di Europa e si riconferma una personalità versatile e dallo stile poliedrico.

Il terzo gruppo a calcare il palco principale del Rototom Sunsplash è stato Inner Circle. I veterani jamaicani hanno colpito dritto al cuore tutti gli appassionati della musica originaria dell’isola.

Il Festival si è tinto di magia quando gran parte degli spettatori hanno cantato a squarciagola i brani più celebri di Inner Circle, che si sono aggiudicati un posto ben preciso nella storia di queste sonorità.

A chiudere in bellezza la serata la nota reggae band francese Dub Inc che ha letteralmente travolto il pubblico con un fantastico show. Acclamatissimi da tutti, il gruppo di St. Etienne ha dimostrato ancora una volta quanto sia seguito in tutta Europa. I cantanti sono stati perfetti e veri trascinatori di folle. Un momento molto raggamuffin è avvenuto quando, durante il live dei Dub Inc, è salito sul palco per un brano Skarra Mucci, artista franco jamaicano e autore dell’ultimo cd “Dancehall president”.

Il finale dello show è stato dei migliori con una fortissima risposta da parte delle migliaia di persone presenti.

Terminati i live è stato doveroso spostarsi in area dancehall dove il jamaicano Freddie Kreuger dei Killahmanjaro ha tenuto i controlli della console per poi lasciare il microfono allo stesso Skarra Mucci che ha tenuto una performance di un’ora in cui scatenarsi e sprigionare la propria gioia attraverso la danza è stato il minimo.

Il nostro diario di bordo Rototom Sunsplash continua con la sesta serata che ha visto come protagonista estremo l’amatissimo cantante franco-spagnolo Manu Chao assieme alla sua validissima band La Ventura.

Follow the good vibes !

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