New Damian Marley’s “Stony Hill” World Tour starts today from America

The new Damian Marley’s “Stony Hill World Tour” starts today from America, in Minneapolis to be exactly. There will be concerts in the most important cities of the Continent, as New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia and many more. There will be really interesting dates also in Hawaii to continue with the shows in California, in San Francisco and in San Diego. Without forgetting the performances that there will be in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Phoenix. Another big American tour for GongZilla to promote the last album “Stony Hill”, came out from last 21st July.

“Stony Hill” is available in all the shops and digital platforms after a production of twelve years. It is an album of 18 tracks that mix different styles like reggae, dancehall and rap. Damian’s new experiment is a song in historical ballad style called “Autumn Leaves”. The topics of Stony Hill are variegated and everyone could understand the message searching it in the lyrics. One of the most important messages is definitely contained in the hit “Medication” feat. Stephen Marley. In fact the two brothers explain to the World the therapeutic properties of natural cannabis, expelling collective prejudices about the issue. The official videoclip is already online on the YouTube channel of the artist. Other video of “Stony Hill” that is already popular on the web is the ferocious and cool “R.O.A.R”.

So, once again Bob Marley’s youngest son demonstrate his talent and versatility. “Singing was not obligatory for me” – he tells us – “but the love for the music has been like a natural process since I was just a child”.

Check our video interview in Italy about Stony Hill.

Interview and article : Eugenia Conti 

Editing : Shaban Shira