Interview with Nerry: “I’m the voice of the oppression we faced from the Government for years.”

Hailing from Westmoreland (Jamaica) Nerada Brissette, known with the stage name of Nerry, has been around since the mid-90s and performed at most of Jamaica’s major music festivals. Nerry not only sings, he’s also a player of various instruments. But there is no other instrument close to him than the “bass”, according to Nerry’s personal opinion. He’s currently working on his first album, which he is producing as his solo debut entitled “Call Me Nerry”. The singer toured in Europe, to be exact in Germany and Austria, back in 2008 with Freddie McGregor. He’s been touring the USA since the beginning of the pandemic early this year. Nerry is the perfect representation of reggae music and its demands. He maintains an authentic sound and never fails to captivate his audience. His soulful, smooth and raspy vocals are rarely heard those days. His last single “Babylon have the nerve” featuring Gentleman and Freddie McGregor is actually getting a great forward all over the World. We have interviewed him.

Gege Vibes: How did u approach to your musical journey?

Nerry: Music is in my blood as long as my father is also a singer and a player of instruments. It all started singing in church, where I also learnt to play different musical instruments. In the high school I sang with a group called “Soul 4 Soul” then I started singing at the hotels and at the end in the concerts.

GV: It was a long race. What do you think is the biggest result you actually achieved during your artistic career? 

N: The greatest thing I’ve achieved is the vocal respect I got wherever I performed and also the immaculate comparison I get between other great international vocalists. It’s an honour for me.

GV: You are a reggae singer. Why in your opinion is it important for the new generations to keep doing reggae music? 

N: Throughout the years reggae has been the best way to uplift spirits. Personally, it means the expression of myself to the fullest. That’s why the new generations need to keep this musical genre alive. I believe the whole World gravitates around reggae music.

GV: What’s the message beside your new successful single ‘Babylon have the nerve’ featuring Freddie McGregor and Gentleman?

N: The message in this song is all about the oppression we face for years from the Government in terms of legalization of Marijuana.

GV: I could feel this topic really touchd you. What are other topics you prefer singing about?

I don’t really have a favorite topic. I just write and create what comes to my mind depending on the way it makes me feel.

GV: Are you planning to release any album and in general what are your future projects?

N: I have an EP ready and we were setting up to release it in December 2020 along with two album release parties but the whole plan got delayed due to the corona pandemic. It’s a 6 track album titled “Call me NERRY” though. My team also realized 4 official videoclips out of the six tracks that I will be launch online very soon.

Eugenia Conti

NO RACISM IN ITALY / Gege Vibes & Timeless Sound set up a business involving Gambian and Italian promoters

In this sad political moment for Italy, with a racist leader and hate feeder like Salvini, I was living in London for work and I had promised myself to never return in Italy if the Lega party will win the elections.

Unfortunately it happened with a surprising broad consensus. The monstrosity made by this Government is to see the “brothers of Italy” united through ethnic discrimination towards other peoples. It is because of the Salvini’s propaganda if many Italians have turned against Africans and have started to be obtuse people who point the finger against the immigrants who live in our Country, sometimes without not even a reason.

I was ashamed for Italy every time I saw the BBC News, which emphasize the racism of my country when until few time ago, Italy was considered the Nation of solidarity and acceptance. Here, as our ancestors of Magna Greece have taught us, “the guest is sacred”. Or at least it always has been…

So I couldn’t manage to sit down and don’t do nothing. I decided to use my company of bookings and promotion of artists called Gege Vibes Worldwide Music Group, alongside the established selecta and promoter Timeless Sound, native of Gambia, to involve young Africans (also coming from the communities, from migrant reception centers or from the streets) in the promotion of events in Italy that will host our international singers or Djs so that we can help the kids learn a trade and build their own upcoming brands. Because music unites, generates integration, helps to understand each other, to socialize …

Jereh Njai, aka Mighty Timeless, is a Gambian resident in Berlin, founder of the prestigious Timeless Sound. He has embraced the initiative underlining how the cooperation between the two cultures could even be a determining factor for the entire Italian economy, just as it has been for years in Germany where Europeans and Africans live together and where integration is not a utopia but a fact.

Mighty is a prime example of this: he created a great business in the German capital relating to musical promotion in which people of all races work in team.

I am sure that together we will be able to achieve great results in unity and peace also in our country, Italy: we have shows scheduled for the summer with aspiring Gambian promoters supervised by us in Naples, Catania, Bologna, Milano and Catanzaro. A meaningful example that this project can really unite every latitude here too.

Our goal is also to allow young Africans to become one day professional promoters or successful artists, offering them the right experience and knowledge of the sector. We also want those who come from a more unfortunate background to choose the path of art rather than crime.

And believe me, it’s a really nice feeling to see what the music could create thanks to the universal language that composes it … What better genre than reggae music that always has professed peace and love to unite populations?

“One love” is precisely the concept to feel that we are all brothers and sisters. We want Italians and Africans to meet together in the same party, to dance, make friends and start collaborations. We no longer want to see people with prejudices and immigrants who feel they are only unwanted foreigners without any space in the society. Some days ago I was talking to Curtis, an eighteen-year-old from Gambia who actually lives in the community in Bologna. I met him in a club during a date of my tours. Curtis is so in love with reggae music that he defines Timeless his father and hero. He also called me his mother. He said that he is very proud of my projects, but that he will make me even more proud of him because he wants to reach a high level of education. He confided to me that he wants to enroll in the University to get a  graduation to become an architect. He is learning to draw on his laptop already. You have no idea how these words filled my heart with joy. These guys are called “Ghetto Youths”. Sometimes they arrive in Italy with nothing, only with their great talent. Many of them know how to sing, others can dance, others want to organize events or study at the University. “Ghetto Youths”, make sure me and Daddy Timeless will do everything to help as much as guys possible. We need to be a healthy example for them because everyone deserves at least one chance to prove its own worth. Music is not just notes in succession, music is the most powerful channel for changing the state of things, music is a life mission …

Eugenia Conti

DJ’S & PRODUCERS COLUMN / Gege Vibes introduces the young producer Frank Filograna from Salento, Italy (Germaica Digital)

Frank Filograna is an italian reggae dj & producer based on Salento (South Italy). He is 31 years old, but already active from about sixteen years.

At the beginning he was a component of ​”​Selection Master​”​, a very musically prolific crew​ from his area. Secondly, he founded ​his label “Filomuzik​”​ and soon after it becames part of the independent “Unemployment Records”, with witch he realizes many international collaborations publishing roots and dub vinyls.

​Actually he is a member of ​”​Veebrazion​”​, an historic local sound system​ from Salento and​ also responsible for programming and promoting musical events in his peninsula.

His style is a roots/dub with a touch of hip-hop and soul, influenced by the Jamaican and Uk scene.

Among his productions we can often find also remixes. In this field, when Frank is attracted by some specific world success, he tries to reinterpret them in very personal reggae-hiphop key.

This is also the case of “Rockstar”, whose melody of the refrain and the Post Malone flow have captured Frank so much to take him, together with Adriano Sure, to give life to a captivating version of this worldwide hit. Then, Frank Filograna started the collaboration with Fabi Benz, a popular dj’s and producer from Germany. This link up allowed Frank to meet the boss of Germaica Digital (the prestigious german label well known for the production of Riddims as Doctor Darling Riddim) that decided to produce it.



DANCEHALL & ATTITUDE RUBRIC / Interview with Swaggi Maggi from Berlin

Gege Vibes interviewed Swaggi Maggi, baddest dancehall dancer from Berlin in Rototom Sunsplash (Spain) for the rubric “Dancehall & attitude”. She was part of the official Rototom’s dancehall dancers team last august.

dsc_6072 dsc_6082dsc_6088

We talked with this great dancer, choreographer and promoter about her artistic history. She has spoken about the importance to learn this kind of dance in Jamaica with the experience of Latonya Style, a woman that represents an inspiration for her. Maggi now is finally part of DanceJa team. At the end she explained the dancehall scene in her country : Germany.

Check the video interview :


Interview Eugenia Conti

Shooting Giorgio Nuzzo

Editing Lucia Rosato

Mc Olde from Sentinel Sound (Germany) : “We spread the message around the world”


Sentinel Sound is Germany’s most famous Sound System reggae and dancehall, and it is between the most prestigeous ones in the whole Europe.
The team, named World Champion Sound System, has turned the whole planet in the name of this kind of music, winning lots of world clashes like the one of Brooklin in 2005…
Gege Vibes has video-interviewed Olde, a member of the crew, mc and dj, before Sentinel Sound’s show at Palarock of Aradeo (Salento) together with Sud Sound System.

We are in Salento with Sentinel sound before the show of tonight in Aradeo with Sud Sound System. Are you happy to be here today?

Oh yes, we love Salento and so more, the winter is a pleasure time. The people really enjoy what we do and the music, so it’s really a pleasure to be here again.

What about the beginning of your music journey and why did you create a sound system?

Right now we get a new generation of Sentinel Sound. There are Nadia and other members who all create and found Sentinel Sound. For us it’s an honor to play in a famous and big sound system because Sentinel Sound is such a longest team over all the years, in the past.  They did so many like historical takes. We’re so thankful, for the chance to play something like this.


And you are a Sound System from Germany. Recently you have celebrated the 17° anniversary of Sentinel Sound. What does reggae and dancehall music represent in your life?

The way of playing music, because music is our life. You know, we play every weekend. We do this like a job, a side job, so we give all time into this project and whatever we do, we do it for Sentinel, for reggae music. For us, music is life.

What about your clashes and the victories? Like in Brooklyn… Why don’t you tell us something about your clashes history?

Yes, in Brooklyn it was the most famous one, for Sentinel Sound was the first big global battle for Sound System. This clash made us famous, gave us a name. Got us recognized as a big Sound System. But we have another clash coming up, so we are not quite yet!

Really? Where?

A big clash is coming up in the United States. You can find all the information on our social networks. Me and Daniel organized everything, he is the other one of the “clash team”.  It’s really interesting! It’s a big live, for sure and there will be lots of Sound Systems.


You look satisfied! What about your project with Lion D? You’re the producer of his mixtape.

Yeah, it was nice, a really nice project and he’s a cool guy. It’s very cool to work with talented artist, ‘cause if you make a mixtape project you actually need to “mix”: for example, I made up an Acappella, a special instrumental version, putting little parts together for making the mixtape, you know, more fancy; if you work with a big big artist, you need to call him, to text him, and it takes 2/3/4 days. Instead, whereas you work with such an artist and he is interested to work WITH you, then 2 hours later it’s done, ready. Lion D has been like a friend who looks at you from outside, together we focused on what they want, it was very very cool!

So I bet you like the Italian scene!?

Oh yes, just think of this month, we came 4 times! In one month! So, Italy love Sentinel Sound and we love Italy!

What about your future project?

Well, mainly playing around the world, spread the “message”of Sentinel Sound: reggae and dancehall. As we have some hashtags saying like #TravelingInTheNameOfReggae. So, we go around the world, throughout different places, different cities, different countries… just to spread the message. It’s all we want!

Interview : Eugenia Conti

Shooting : Giorgio Nuzzo

Mounting : Vito Rutigliano

English and italian subtitles : Simona Mele

PALAROCK, ARADEO / Jamrock Reggae Night con Sud Sound System & Sentinel Sound


Sabato 19 marzo il Palarock di Aradeo si accende per una straordinaria Jamrock, la reggae night del celebre locale aradeino che per l’occasione ospiterà i pionieri del raggamuffin italiano, oltre che simbolo della “salentinità” nel mondo: i Sud Sound System.
Don Rico, Terron Fabio e Nandu Popu hanno fatto breccia nel cuore del grande pubblico grazie alla loro capacità di fondere musicalità universali come il reggae in versione raggamuffin con le sonorità tipiche locali quali il dialetto salentino e le ballate di pizzica e taranta, il tutto mettendo in evidenza le tematiche di denuncia e disagio sociale.
Il loro ultimo album, Sta Tornu, li ha confermati ambasciatori del ritmo in levare in Italia e nel mondo, rappresentanti delle inconfondibili sonorità mediterranee made in Salento. Un
lavoro che rispecchia la gioia, la speranza, la convinzione e l’impegno sociale attraverso cui il gruppo si è sempre espresso e contraddistinto in oltre vent’anni di carriera.

Il disco è caratterizzato da collaudati ritmi dancehall, contaminati da hip hop, dubstep, funk e rhythm & blues, sonorità che arricchiscono in modo naturale questo splendido nuovo viaggio supportato da soluzioni musicali articolate, più sperimentali e dirette rispetto ai precedenti. Il reggae e l’amore per questa musica sono la vera essenza del disco, un istinto primordiale che ha spinto la band salentina a rimettersi in gioco ancora una volta, conquistando il successo del pubblico e della critica.

Sul palco del Palarock, insieme ai Sud Sound System, ci sarà un altro ospite di respiro internazionale: Sentinel Sound, la crew simbolo del reggae in Germania e in Europa.

Vincitori del celebre WorldClash nel 2005, il più prestigioso premio a livello mondiale che un sound reggae possa conquistare, i Sentinel sono attivi fin dal 1998 a Stoccarda. Dopo essersi affermati come il principale punto di riferimento della scena tedesca, la crew ritorna in Italia dopo aver suonato ovunque ed esser diventato un nome a livello mondiale.
Forte di una collezione di dubplates con pochi eguali al mondo, Sentinel è pronto a scrivere una pagina di storia del Palarock, portando nel club salentino quello stile originale e potente
che caratterizza il suo sound system: la crew è una vera e propria macchina da intrattenimento che sa offrire uno spettacolo completo e coinvolgente, con i suoi scatenati mc ed i mix perfetti dei dj; una interazione e un affiatamento che rappresenta la caratteristica fondamentale di uno show di grande successo.
A completare una serata indimenticabile sarà Heavy Hammer Sound System, il sound amato ed apprezzato in tutto il Salento.