Interview with Tanya Stephens during Jamaica Music Conference Summit in Italy

We met Tanya Stephens in Lecce after the first “Jamaica Music Conference” summit in Italy. The international recording Artist has retraced her career of over twenty years with us. She expressed her satisfaction on seeing a lot of new successful female singers. Tanya’s suggestions for the upcoming artists are to don’t be afraid to make music, to enjoy it because is a great job and they will have the opportunity to connect with a lot of souls around the Globe. Mrs. Stephens is currently planning to release a new album in the next few months.

Interviewer: Eugenia Conti Shooting: Joan Nanook Webley Editing: Drummstudio Special thanks: Jamaica Music Conference

AFRICAN SECTION / Interview with Maxi Preacher from Gambia for Gege Vibes Magazine (2019)

Positivity is the main message of Maxi Preacher’s music, new artist from Gambia based in Stockholm (Sweden) but actually living in Napoli (Italy). In the nice locations of La Gaiola Island and Parco Virgiliano, both in Napoli, we interviewed this versatile reggae, dancehall and afro-pop singer deepening in his history from Africa to Europe.

Interviewer Eugenia Conti Shooting Andrew Nah Slave Editing P. Raw

NO RACISM IN ITALY / Gege Vibes & Timeless Sound set up a business involving Gambian and Italian promoters

In this sad political moment for Italy, with a racist leader and hate feeder like Salvini, I was living in London for work and I had promised myself to never return in Italy if the Lega party will win the elections.

Unfortunately it happened with a surprising broad consensus. The monstrosity made by this Government is to see the “brothers of Italy” united through ethnic discrimination towards other peoples. It is because of the Salvini’s propaganda if many Italians have turned against Africans and have started to be obtuse people who point the finger against the immigrants who live in our Country, sometimes without not even a reason.

I was ashamed for Italy every time I saw the BBC News, which emphasize the racism of my country when until few time ago, Italy was considered the Nation of solidarity and acceptance. Here, as our ancestors of Magna Greece have taught us, “the guest is sacred”. Or at least it always has been…

So I couldn’t manage to sit down and don’t do nothing. I decided to use my company of bookings and promotion of artists called Gege Vibes Worldwide Music Group, alongside the established selecta and promoter Timeless Sound, native of Gambia, to involve young Africans (also coming from the communities, from migrant reception centers or from the streets) in the promotion of events in Italy that will host our international singers or Djs so that we can help the kids learn a trade and build their own upcoming brands. Because music unites, generates integration, helps to understand each other, to socialize …

Jereh Njai, aka Mighty Timeless, is a Gambian resident in Berlin, founder of the prestigious Timeless Sound. He has embraced the initiative underlining how the cooperation between the two cultures could even be a determining factor for the entire Italian economy, just as it has been for years in Germany where Europeans and Africans live together and where integration is not a utopia but a fact.

Mighty is a prime example of this: he created a great business in the German capital relating to musical promotion in which people of all races work in team.

I am sure that together we will be able to achieve great results in unity and peace also in our country, Italy: we have shows scheduled for the summer with aspiring Gambian promoters supervised by us in Naples, Catania, Bologna, Milano and Catanzaro. A meaningful example that this project can really unite every latitude here too.

Our goal is also to allow young Africans to become one day professional promoters or successful artists, offering them the right experience and knowledge of the sector. We also want those who come from a more unfortunate background to choose the path of art rather than crime.

And believe me, it’s a really nice feeling to see what the music could create thanks to the universal language that composes it … What better genre than reggae music that always has professed peace and love to unite populations?

“One love” is precisely the concept to feel that we are all brothers and sisters. We want Italians and Africans to meet together in the same party, to dance, make friends and start collaborations. We no longer want to see people with prejudices and immigrants who feel they are only unwanted foreigners without any space in the society. Some days ago I was talking to Curtis, an eighteen-year-old from Gambia who actually lives in the community in Bologna. I met him in a club during a date of my tours. Curtis is so in love with reggae music that he defines Timeless his father and hero. He also called me his mother. He said that he is very proud of my projects, but that he will make me even more proud of him because he wants to reach a high level of education. He confided to me that he wants to enroll in the University to get a  graduation to become an architect. He is learning to draw on his laptop already. You have no idea how these words filled my heart with joy. These guys are called “Ghetto Youths”. Sometimes they arrive in Italy with nothing, only with their great talent. Many of them know how to sing, others can dance, others want to organize events or study at the University. “Ghetto Youths”, make sure me and Daddy Timeless will do everything to help as much as guys possible. We need to be a healthy example for them because everyone deserves at least one chance to prove its own worth. Music is not just notes in succession, music is the most powerful channel for changing the state of things, music is a life mission …

Eugenia Conti

DJ’S & PRODUCERS COLUMN / Gege Vibes introduces the young producer Frank Filograna from Salento, Italy (Germaica Digital)

Frank Filograna is an italian reggae dj & producer based on Salento (South Italy). He is 31 years old, but already active from about sixteen years.

At the beginning he was a component of ​”​Selection Master​”​, a very musically prolific crew​ from his area. Secondly, he founded ​his label “Filomuzik​”​ and soon after it becames part of the independent “Unemployment Records”, with witch he realizes many international collaborations publishing roots and dub vinyls.

​Actually he is a member of ​”​Veebrazion​”​, an historic local sound system​ from Salento and​ also responsible for programming and promoting musical events in his peninsula.

His style is a roots/dub with a touch of hip-hop and soul, influenced by the Jamaican and Uk scene.

Among his productions we can often find also remixes. In this field, when Frank is attracted by some specific world success, he tries to reinterpret them in very personal reggae-hiphop key.

This is also the case of “Rockstar”, whose melody of the refrain and the Post Malone flow have captured Frank so much to take him, together with Adriano Sure, to give life to a captivating version of this worldwide hit. Then, Frank Filograna started the collaboration with Fabi Benz, a popular dj’s and producer from Germany. This link up allowed Frank to meet the boss of Germaica Digital (the prestigious german label well known for the production of Riddims as Doctor Darling Riddim) that decided to produce it.



Interview with GAPPY RANKS in One Love Festival (Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy)

We met Gappy Ranks in Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy) after an energian performance full of “Pull up”. Cheered by the crowd to go up on stage twice, Gappy Ranks did foment italian massive with his reggae made in Uk, but with Jamaican origins. Gege Vibes interviewed him at the end of the show.

Interview: Eugenia Conti

Shooting: Elena Lopresti

Editing : Morello Selecta 


Nuovo videoclip Internationally – Richie Stephens & the Ska Nation Band feat Sud Sound System : la musica come linguaggio universale

shoot kingston jamaica

Da oggi online su Youtube Internationally, singolo prodotto da Pot of Gold, Adriatic Sound & Steven Lenky Marsden e contenuto nell’omonimo album di Richie Stephens & The Ska Nation Band uscito lo scorso aprile in tutti i canali digitali.

shoot tokio 2

Dopo il videoclip del primo singolo estratto “Fire Fire”, oggi é finalmente fuori quello di “Internationally” feat. Sud Sound System. Le tre Esse salentine proprio nel 2016 hanno celebrato i venticinque anni di attività musicale. Per questo avvenimento Don Rico, Terron Fabio e Nandu Popu sono stati lieti di collaborare alla title-track di un tale progetto di calibro internazionale. Internationally è colore, vita, moves, danza, energy, positive vibes e scambi culturali.


Il video è firmato dalla regia del giovane movie-maker lucano Federico Giannace ed ha la particolarità di essere stato girato in diverse città del Mondo: Tokio in Giappone, Kingston in Jamaica e Lecce in Italia. Il regista che ha viaggiato nel Mondo insieme a Richie Stephens & The Ska Nation Band ha dato così vita alle parole del testo.


Lo scopo del video è far comprendere infatti quanto la musica, in particolare quella ska, sia diventata un linguaggio universale dal sapore “Internationally”.

shoot lecce 4

“Internationally” vanta poi la strumentale del celebre tastierista e compositore giamaicano Steven “Lenky” Marsden e a maggior ragione ha un sound tutto da ballare, travolgente ed in grado di essere amato in ogni nazione.

shootin lecce

Molte le crew di ballerini professionisti che hanno partecipato al progetto con le proprie coreografie: in primis Rifical Team dalla Jamaica, a seguire i dancehall dancers giapponesi Rey, Joy, Sway, Aami, Hiro_milky, Mami, Gunhype, Diki, Zingi, Sawasap ed infine le squadre salentine Dancehall School Lecce e Salento BrokOut.

Inoltre tantissimi bambini di varie nazionalità con tutta la loro vitalità e spontaneità, uniti contro il razzismo, le diversità, le limitazioni mentali, “Internationally” arriva in maniera diretta a colpire tutte le fasce d’età e popolazioni. A dimostrazione di quanto importante sia l’ unione generata da musica e danza, che da sempre sono state momento di incontro tra le comunità e rivivono in questo video una grande espressione globale. Non vi resta che guardare il risultato finale !

Eugenia Conti