RELEASE REVIEW/ J-Written debuts “Nothing Like Love” in a Crime Riddled Society

On August 28th 2021, was officially released the videoclip of “Nothing Like Love”, song by J Written. The track was pre-released on Reggaeville in July 2021 and has been gaining traction.

J Written is a young reggae Artist from Kingston, Jamaica. Written’s artistic nature and vibe heard and seen clearly throughout the entire video gives the audience an easy going feeling while successfully sending a message of love to the listener.

“Love is not just the opposite of hate, it is the original feeling when something is beautiful and everything is beautifully created by the Most High” – J-Written said when we asked about the meaning of the tune.

“Lockdown” / Koffee drops a love song showing her astonishing passionate side

“Lockdown” is the brand new official song and videoclip by Koffee out now. The young Grammy Award winning Artist showed her huge fanbase how she is growing up in her career and personal life as well.

“Lockdown” is a love, passional song composed in quarantine. After the big success of her Ep “Rapture”, we are intensely waiting for Koffee’s debut album. The videoclip, realized in Jamaica choosing some amazing landscapes, is directed by Yannick Reid, co-directed by Habibi and Original Koffee Music. In the shooting there are other special appearances from the Jamaican musical industry such as Popcaan, Dre Island, Skillibeng and more.

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Interview with Anthony B (2018) : “Reggae is not about death. It is an influential music across many cultures”

We interviewed Anthony B once again in Amsterdam after his show in Melkweg during the Reggaeville Special Easter Event. Waiting for the Original Fyah Man’s new upcoming album and while he is promoting his last two singles “Rub a Dub Party” and “Reggae Soul Sister”, we had the chance to talk with him about different topics : consciousness, unity and the power of reggae as musical genre able to cross every barrier.

“Stop fighting reggae music” official videoclip will be available soon on Youtube. This song is about the real message of reggae. Anthony B told us this music is not about hating or killing people, but it’s something about peace and love. It means to stay together without differences of age, color or race.

Interviewer : Eugenia Conti

Shooting : J LOF

Editing : Gege Vibes Production

New slave era is happening in Lybia and the main medias are silent.

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New slavery’s era is happening and the main medias are not talking about it. All happened less than two weeks ago in Libya. A group of hundreds of migrants have been imprisoned and tortured by the Libyan criminals. Many of them were auctioned as slaves for economic values not exceeding 800 euros. The others were killed. The most shameful thing is not only the deplorable treatment that black men have been subjected to, but also the indifference of the major channels of communication such as TV or newspapers in Europe and from all over the World.

The European Union, on the other hand, has not hesitated to close economic agreements with Libya despite the crimes against the humanity it is committing. We are in 2017 but unfortunately the extreme racism phenomena are not over in the modern era. A new age of slavery is consuming right now in the total absence of guarantees by the institutions and humanitarian associations.

How does the ‘civil’ Europe indignate after the attacks in France or in Uk and not in this case ? Why some crimes become viral and others are not even considered? Are the Africans less important human beings? That’s madness. Do they not deserve the same protection of the human rights of white people? My pain is enormous. After centuries of struggle against the racism, in these days the freedom and the human dignity are forgotten while our brothers are continuing to die every day there. Where are the love and the peace? Only two days ago a boat was sunk around Libyan territory and more than two hundred people are died, including women and children. Their corpses were devoured by sharks. But who knows it? Who prayed for their abandoned souls on the high seas? I invite you to reflect about it, forgetting the consumerism and the globalization. The worst horrors are happening close to us and all together we need to make a real revolution to stop it and to live in the respect of the human rights everywhere.

Eugenia Conti 

Video interview in Rototom / Freddie McGregor : “Important is to continue a message of peace, love and unity”


We knew Freddie Mc Gregor during Gusto Dopa al Sole Festival in Salento (South Italy). We met again the jamaican artist the day after his show on the main stage of Rototom Sunsplash (Spain). Gege Vibes interviewed the artist in Castellon de la Plana. We talked about his last album “True to my rootz”, about the family’s vibes because he was in tour whit his sons Chino e Di Genius, about the evolution of reggae and the importance to continue trought music an universal message made of peace, unity and love. But reggae is also a space of revolution to fight the system.

Abbiamo conosciuto Freddie Mc Gregor per la prima volta in Salento durante il Gusto Dopa al Sole tenutosi lo scorso agosto al Parco Gondar di Gallipoli. Siamo rimasti subito colpiti dalla sua dolcezza e professionalità. Inoltre il Capitano della Big Ship Records ha apprezzato molto le bellezze naturali della Nostra terra riscontrando molte similitudini con la propria isola sia nella mentalità che nei passaggi mozzafiato. Ma anche per ciò che concerne la musica vissuta in entrambi i Paesi come un’importante componente di socialità. Abbiamo rincontrato l’artista circa una decina di giorni dopo al Rototom Sunsplash di Benicassim (Spagna). Il Nostro si è esibito durante l’ultima serata della ventitreesima edizione del Festival sul main stage assieme ai figli Chino e DiGenius, che ha peraltro portato in tour con lui per tutta Europa. Il 17 giugno è uscito “True to my roots”, ultimo lavoro discografico di Freddie interamente dedicato all’old school e quindi alla rootz music. Abbiamo avuto la fortuna di intervistarlo a Castellon de la Plana il giorno dopo la fine dell’intero Festival. Abbiamo parlato delle family’s vibes, di quanto sia importante continuare attraverso il reggae a trasmettere un messaggio di pace, amore, unità ed infine che la musica può costituire uno spazio di ribellione per combattere il sistema.

Intervista Eugenia Conti

Shooting Giorgio Nuzzo

Editing Stefano Bianchi