Interview with Nerry: “I’m the voice of the oppression we faced from the Government for years.”

Hailing from Westmoreland (Jamaica) Nerada Brissette, known with the stage name of Nerry, has been around since the mid-90s and performed at most of Jamaica’s major music festivals. Nerry not only sings, he’s also a player of various instruments. But there is no other instrument close to him than the “bass”, according to Nerry’s personal opinion. He’s currently working on his first album, which he is producing as his solo debut entitled “Call Me Nerry”. The singer toured in Europe, to be exact in Germany and Austria, back in 2008 with Freddie McGregor. He’s been touring the USA since the beginning of the pandemic early this year. Nerry is the perfect representation of reggae music and its demands. He maintains an authentic sound and never fails to captivate his audience. His soulful, smooth and raspy vocals are rarely heard those days. His last single “Babylon have the nerve” featuring Gentleman and Freddie McGregor is actually getting a great forward all over the World. We have interviewed him.

Gege Vibes: How did u approach to your musical journey?

Nerry: Music is in my blood as long as my father is also a singer and a player of instruments. It all started singing in church, where I also learnt to play different musical instruments. In the high school I sang with a group called “Soul 4 Soul” then I started singing at the hotels and at the end in the concerts.

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CANNABIS TERAPEUTICA / Damian Marley rileva un ex carcere per produrla in quantità industriale


Nuovo ambizioso progetto per il più piccolo dei figli di Bob Marley, ma questa volta non in ambito musicale. Damian Marley infatti ha deciso di acquistare l’ex carcere Claremont Custody Center sito in California al fine di trasformarlo in un’industria per poter produrre cannabis terapeutica. In un’intervista rilasciata l’anno scorso Jr Gong affermava l’importanza per i malati che soffrissero di determinate patologie di procurarsi farmaci a base di erba ed anche che, secondo il suo parere, non fosse possibile perseguitare penalmente molte persone per una pianta come la canapa demonizzata nei secoli. Coerente col messaggio del suo grande progenitore il reggae singer jamaicano non a caso ha investito quattro milioni di dollari per rilevare la struttura. Ma più che di un mero investimento si tratta di una vera e propria iniziativa che, una volta creata e portata avanti, ha lo scopo di costituire una piccola rivoluzione per tutti. Il messaggio è forte : nello stesso luogo in cui le persone sono state incriminate a causa della marijuana si va a produrre la stessa per dei fini nobili come quelli curativi per allevare gli affetti da sclerosi multipla. I risvolti positivi sono differenti : ad esempio offrire posti di lavoro a più di cento cittadini dell’area che è nota per il suo forte tasso di disoccupazione oppure aumentare le entrate dell’amministrazione locale in forte difficoltà. Marley ha così l’obiettivo di dare vita a un piccolo impero insieme alla società partner Ocean Grown Extracts, già esperta del settore, in quanto c’è buona probabilità che proprio in California venga approvata la legge per cui la marijuana sarà legale anche per scopi ludici. Un’idea che non fa che confermare quanto la mente del giovane Gong sia brillante non solo nell’ambito dell’industria musicale, ma anche negli affari che tiene a cuore.

Eugenia Conti 


REGGAE INTERVIEW / Shuga from Jamaica for Gege Vibes (English version)

shuga 2
Shuga, already known as Sugar Brown, is a reggae singer from Jamaica. She won the famous jamaican talent-show Digicel Rising Stars in 2009 and from that moment her life totally changed. For a lot of time she opened the concerts of Tanya Stephens (her mentor) all over the world : from Europe to Africa. Now Shuga is loved from the whole reggae scene because of her intense and newrootz voice. Gege Vibes interwieved her for you.
 Hi Shuga. When did you begin your musical journey?
I’ve been singing since I was way to young to know that I would want a career in music my musical journey began in church where I sang on the choir and at one point was the choir director i sang in school and entered high school song competitions and I was also doing weekly gigs at a casino in my parish st James I was later introduced to Tanya tephens who was looking for background singers , I went on tour with her and that experience changed my life.
What are your reggae music’s models and who is your mentor?  
I have many role models but Tanya stephens is one that I look up to and respect for demonstrating perseverance which is key and for giving me an opportunity to see how loved our music was to people all around the world
In 2009 you won the Digicel Rising Star competition. What changed in your life since then?
When I won the competition in 2009 my entire life changed, I now wanted to peruse a career in music so I wasn’t singing back ground vocals anymore,I had fans ,I was not just Mitsy campbell anymore I was Shuga now I was to become someone’s role model, with A microphone in my hand I had an opportunity to stand for something.
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Why has Brown Sugar became Shuga? Does the modification of The stage name represent your artistic evolution?
The name change from brown shuga to just shuga occurred when an injunction was signed against me by a media personality asking that I no longer use the name Brown shuga
Is it Very difficult To be An artist, a woman and a mom? Especially in a prevailing male musical scene. How did you get the respect of the most important singers of the genre?
I find it quiet easy to be a mom and making music brings so much joy to me being a woman is a blessing but in a male dominated industry I won’t say it’s easy at all but I’ve learnt that obstacles are things you see when u take your eyes off the prize
What about your Land? Describe to us the jamaican colours, sounds and perfumes.
Jamaica is the land of wood and water, Jah Mek yah it’s always summer here we have beautiful beaches. I can always go to the river.  Marijuana is my favorite perfume
What about your tour, your travels and your future projects?
I really enjoy touring, meeting new people, performing and interacting with my audience. I was in Europe last summer I did a few festivals . reggae jam festival, Reeds festival and Rototom  festival to name a few and I’m definitely looking forward to doing it all over again this year. my Ep is coming soon.
Thank you for this interview…
Bless up to Gege vibes for endorsing reggae music to the fullest nuff love and respect for the strength !
Eugenia Conti