Interview with KOFFEE: “Just want to put out more conscious music to create a positive young reggae movement” (2018)

Gege Vibes Team meets the young jamaican singer Koffee during the 25th edition of Rototom Sunsplash 2018 in Spain before of her performance with Cocoa Tea on the main stage of the Festival. Koffee is only 18 years old but she is an aware artist already with a really conscious mentality and she is able to inspire the new generations as well. Koffee says her main musical inspirations are firstly Chronixx and Protoje (she performed together with them last November in London, UK for the event BBC Introducing at Tobacco Docks and the day after at the prestigious venue Alexandra Palace for a sold out show of ten thousands people), but even artists like Agent Sasco Buju Banton, Sizzla and many more. Her last single “Toast”, from upcoming Rapture Ep out on every platform from last month, got very good feedbacks in the worldwide musical panorama. “Gratitude is a must”, Koffee tells in the lyric of this song. She is actually considered a rising reggae star and definitely the revelation of last and this year.

Interviewer: Gege Vibes

Shooting: Noctis 

Editing: Bussweh Visuals


Interview with Answele / Humble and Talented 20 Years Old Artist from Jamaica (Young Pow Prod.)

After the journey of Gege Vibes in Jamaica last summer, we were able to appreciate closely the vibrations of the Caribbean Island from a musical point of view. Bob Marley’s homeland is not only today represented by the Reggae. In fact there are many branches of the genre that have developed over the years and the new sounds that have been created. We could say that today the jamaican music influenced many other genres contaminating it. The Jamaican talents who try to follow their way through their artistic skills are multiplying more and more. Finally the mentality to prefer music and believe in his own dream to the ghetto’s life is being consolidated. Especially in the very young artists. Then I’ve interviewed a singer and musician originally from the area of ​​Trelawny (Jamaica): Answele, only 20 years old. He grew up becoming passionate about music after being in church almost every Saturday at a very tender age, as a lot of jamaican people. The faith is important there as much as music. It was precisely in his parrish that begins his career starting in to play the drums in that place.

“The problem was that my true love for music was for the reggae and not for the liturgical one, but it was not accepted in my church or at home where my father disapproved my behaviour for disobeying to his instructions to don’t perform in reggae and dancehall parties”, Answele said.

But the guy continues to trust himself creating a small label to appear on the scene with the first recordings. In 2016, he experiments different musical genres such as lovers-rock, Hip Hop, Hard-core Dancehall and meets the Jamaican producer Sean Diedrick, owner of the brand Young Pow Productions and historical keyboarder of Damian Marley, as well as Winning Grammy co-producer of Stony Hill Album. Young Pow invests a lot of energy producing the new Answele’s Ep and recording the songs in the famous Big Yard Studio and Tuff Gong Studio, the Bob Marley’s one, both in Kingston Capital (Jamaica). The new Answele’s work is coming out. Let’s hear what his feelings are before the international launch of it.

Your passion for the music started in the church’s environment when you were only a child. Say us something about the beginning of your musical journey

 It was a bit complicated. Parents were strict so i was basically disobeying rules. I was engaged in a lot of singing activitIes at church and I was very good at singing harmonies too, but I would listen mostly to reggae songs on the radios and all I knew is that I enjoyed the sounds and I was having fun singing them among my peers.

 When you grew up from a child to a boy you understood that your real inspiration was the reggae. What represent this musical genre in your life?

I think the way to express myself through my lyrics, the consciousness and a little of my style of music. I enjoyed listening to Reggae artists nation wide and I could feel their music from within and how inspiring it was to me. I was thinking : “I want people to feel it when they listen to any of my songs”.

 How much your community influenced your music and your style?

 My community does play a part, but telling the truth I sing about topics that happen globally across the World every day. Everywhere there are people who are either not with you or genuine people who wants to see you in the way that you aspire to become. As well as there are people who needs motivation through listening music.

What about the creation of TeamTripleWorks music and the collaboration with the great producers Young Pow and Sherieta?

 TeamTripleWorks music was officially created by me and two other associates Bvrban and Ricky Cee in 2015. We all had different talents, I am the harmony vocalist & Graphic Designer, Ricky Cee is the engineer and Bvrban is the beat maker. Then a year ago i was introduced to Young Pow and I met Sherieta few months later, they both loved the sound of my voice and decided to play a major role in my production.

“F U Poverty” is a released dancehall single with a strong lyric. What is for you the way to forget the poverty and to be successful?

 Staying Focus and continue working hard.

Your new single “Stayed” is out in the digital shops. What about the meaning of this song?

 I think I stepped a little out of the box to compose “Stayed”. This song is about a thing that happens every day : men cheating and regretting it afterwards. The speciality about this tune is that I got the instrumental from Young Pow during a time I was thinking about a complicated relationship and it influenced the entire song. This song is on the tracklist of Destiny Riddim, a compilation of different jamaican artists including Popcaan, iOctane, Black Am I and more.

What are your future projects ?

Well I have a new EP (Short Album) that is releasing soon from Young Pow Productions which will include 6 tracks. “Stayed” is also apart of it. The remaining five songs are fire so I am urging the mass to look out for this EP, trust me, the tunes them nuh normal !

Eugenia Conti



Video Interview with Sean ‘Young Pow’ Diedrick : “I’m proud to be a Jamaican, Brown’s Town, Saint Ann… Yeah”

Gege Vibes Magazine met Sean Diedrick after Damian Marley’s show in Gallipoli, Italy (2017). Sean is worldwide known as the historical Jr Gong’s keyboarder but he also really popular as ‘Di Producer’.

He introduces us the world of Young Pow Production explaining his last works in studio with Mavado and Damian Marley for “Stony Hill” Album. Pow told us his impressions about the third tour in Africa of this summer “Stony Hill to Addis”. We talk also about his unreleased projects in co-production with Baby G as the one in collaboration with Sean Paul, out very soon. Young Pow Production supports a lot of new and middle generation’s jamaican artists as BUGLE, T.I.F.A., Swele, Xklusive and more. The mission of Young Pow’s label is to give an huge promotion to the young and worthy talents of the Island, especially from his area Saint Ann. “I’m proud to be a Jamaican. Orange Hill, Brown’s Town, Saint Ann… Yeah”, he said to our microphones. CHECK IT !

Interview : Eugenia Conti Editing : Shaban Sante Shira Jr II Shooting : Francesco Sciolti Venue : Postepay PARCO GONDAR

Sean Paul visita Buju Banton in carcere : “Preparatevi. Tra dodici mesi sarà libero”

Solo due giorni fa la mainstream star jamaicana Sean Paul ha trascorso tre ore presso la prigione McRae Correctional Facility situata ad Atlanta, in Georgia. Non è difficile indovinare chi egli fosse andato a trovare : la leggenda del reggae Buju Banton, ormai detenuto in quella struttura dal 2011. Dopo domenica i supporters dell’artista hanno una nuova speranza. E’ stato lo stesso Sean Paul infatti, in un video pubblicato sul suo profilo Instagram, a diffondere la notizia che in poco più di 12 mesi Banton sarà rimesso in libertà. Ha inoltre spronato i suoi fans a godersi il ritorno del proprio beniamino che avverrà in grande stile.

Non sappiamo quale sia la verità sulla reale posizione dell’imputato a livello giuridico, ma dalle parole del “Dutty” Paul trapela molta positività. Ricordiamo infatti che la pena di dieci anni di carcere prevista per Banton è stata ridotta nel 2016 dopo che il suo avvocato statunitense della Florida patteggiò con le Istituzioni annunciando che l’Enterteiner rinunciava a tutti i futuri appelli. In cambio, i procuratori pare che abbiano accettato di abbandonare un’accusa di detenzione di armi da fuoco rivolta contro di lui. Buju secondo le indiscrezioni sarà rilasciato l’8 dicembre 2018. Sarà proprio per questo che Sean Paul avrà dichiarato sul suo social network di aver trovato l’icona del Reggae di ottimo umore e forte di spirito?

“Nonostante la prigionia la sua energia non si è mai spenta ed il suo temperamento si mantiene forte”, ha affermato Sean nel già citato filmato. La fonte più attendibile al momento resta il registro dell’ufficio del McRae Correctional Facility in cui è stato previsto che, Buju Banton, arrestato nel 2009 e dichiarato colpevole nel 2011, tornerà a piede libero nel Febbraio 2019.

Eugenia Conti

Interview with Sean Paul ft. Chi Ching Ching : “Waiting for our next album together Turning Tables”




Gege Vibes interviews the renowned singer of the worldwide musical scene Sean Paul. Today Sean is a mainstream artist and his songs are really famous from all over the world, in every radio station or in every musical tv channel. He explains us how the jamaican origins and his culture have also influenced his music.

After 20 years of career, Sean Paul give us his opinions about dancehall that considers an evolution. He supports the new talents from his beautiful island and so introduces to our microphones his young jamaican artist Chi Ching Ching, already popular for his dancing tunes as “Rock the world” and “Roast or fry -Breadfruit”. (Check the photo gallery in Postepay Parco Gondar, Gallipoli, Italy).

We talk about future projects and especially about next album of Sean Paul and Chi Ching Ching called “Turning tables”. (Check the video interview)

Interview : Eugenia Conti

Shooting and photo gallery : Annita Fanizza

Editing : Shaban Shira

Venue : Postepay Parco Gondar, Gallipoli (Italy)

Special thanks to : Sean Paul’s Management, Sean Paul, Chi Ching Ching, Passioni intimo Moda Mare, Get Up Music, Twin Towers, Parco Gondar’s press office