Interview with I-Taweh: “My dream is to live long and healthy to see the unification of this human race”

Donavan I-taweh Cunningham was born in the hills of St. Ann, the same parish in Jamaica where the great Marcus Garvey, Burning Spear and Bob Marley all rise from. Like most successful artists, he comes from humble beginnings. Raised in the farming community of Prickly Pole, he spent most of his childhood farming alongside his father and four brothers. As a young child he played music on handmade instruments crafted together from bamboo and sardine tins.
It was the move to Kingston in 1992 that jump-started his musical career. Living between the communities of Mall Road, Grants Pen, Portmore, Rockfort, and Duhaney Park, I-taweh found comfort in the ghetto at the Community Center of The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari.

This was extremely influential for his music and his mission, where he was amongst some of the greatest musicians in the industry including Dizzy Johnny Moore, Earl Chinna Smith, Nambo Robinson, and Bongo Herman. During this time he was rarely seen without his guitar, and was given the nickname Danny Gitz. Along with the name, his skills and reputation as a musician began to grow, until the legendary Sugar Minott took him under his wing as his guitarist and harmony singer.

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NO RACISM IN ITALY / Gege Vibes & Timeless Sound set up a business involving Gambian and Italian promoters

In this sad political moment for Italy, with a racist leader and hate feeder like Salvini, I was living in London for work and I had promised myself to never return in Italy if the Lega party will win the elections.

Unfortunately it happened with a surprising broad consensus. The monstrosity made by this Government is to see the “brothers of Italy” united through ethnic discrimination towards other peoples. It is because of the Salvini’s propaganda if many Italians have turned against Africans and have started to be obtuse people who point the finger against the immigrants who live in our Country, sometimes without not even a reason.

I was ashamed for Italy every time I saw the BBC News, which emphasize the racism of my country when until few time ago, Italy was considered the Nation of solidarity and acceptance. Here, as our ancestors of Magna Greece have taught us, “the guest is sacred”. Or at least it always has been… Continue reading “NO RACISM IN ITALY / Gege Vibes & Timeless Sound set up a business involving Gambian and Italian promoters”

New slave era is happening in Lybia and the main medias are silent.

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New slavery’s era is happening and the main medias are not talking about it. All happened less than two weeks ago in Libya. A group of hundreds of migrants have been imprisoned and tortured by the Libyan criminals. Many of them were auctioned as slaves for economic values not exceeding 800 euros. The others were killed. The most shameful thing is not only the deplorable treatment that black men have been subjected to, but also the indifference of the major channels of communication such as TV or newspapers in Europe and from all over the World.

The European Union, on the other hand, has not hesitated to close economic agreements with Libya despite the crimes against the humanity it is committing. We are in 2017 but unfortunately the extreme racism phenomena are not over in the modern era. A new age of slavery is consuming right now in the total absence of guarantees by the institutions and humanitarian associations.

How does the ‘civil’ Europe indignate after the attacks in France or in Uk and not in this case ? Why some crimes become viral and others are not even considered? Are the Africans less important human beings? That’s madness. Do they not deserve the same protection of the human rights of white people? My pain is enormous. After centuries of struggle against the racism, in these days the freedom and the human dignity are forgotten while our brothers are continuing to die every day there. Where are the love and the peace? Only two days ago a boat was sunk around Libyan territory and more than two hundred people are died, including women and children. Their corpses were devoured by sharks. But who knows it? Who prayed for their abandoned souls on the high seas? I invite you to reflect about it, forgetting the consumerism and the globalization. The worst horrors are happening close to us and all together we need to make a real revolution to stop it and to live in the respect of the human rights everywhere.

Eugenia Conti