“Self-Fulfillment” is the new motivational song by The Carey James (Prod. Morelove Music)

Today is out the new single “Self-Fulfilment” from the Jamaican reggae singer The Carey James. He’s a multi-faceted recording Artist, song writer, musician and producer based in Kingston, Jamaica. Armed with a plethora of lyrics, talent and the attitude to excel, he aims to give listeners an euphoric feeling each time they hear his music.

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WEEK IN DUB / Papa Leu’s new album got a track for every day of the week

Breaking language barriers through the music.
The target has been hit in full with Papa Leu new album “WEEK IN DUB”, produced by the Salento independent label ADRIATIC SOUND.

On the frontline with a lot of topics and high quality music productions always, this time Papa Leu releases a soundtrack dedicated to every single day of the week, individually customized and on the dubline which makes every track peculiar, playing his skills with mixing techniques, musical mood, “sound aesthetics” inclined to original ways every time.

In this way, Papa Leu created his personal synthesis between experimental and “classic” style of dub to start a journey through an innovative sound that will drag people towards new unexplored destinations.

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VALENTINE’S DAY RELEASE/ “Lovers” – Christopher Martin – Prod. by Soundbank music

Christopher Martin, one of the most sensational vocalists from Jamaica, released his new single titled “Lovers” today 14th of February which matches perfectly with Valentine’s day. The single produced by Soundbank Music, based in Stockholm (Sweden), is available on all major digital platforms worldwide and distributed by The Orchard/SwingKids. Check it out. 
Eugenia Conti

Brand New Video / “Where is the love” – Reddman Uk (Luca Tarantino remix for Yah Man Records)

A new Remix is out today for Yah Man Records, independent label from Salento (South Italy) created by Morello Selecta.

The singer of this release is ReddMan UK, british dancehall artist with Jamaican origins in collaboration with the young italian dj Luca Tarantino.

The song is ‘Where is the love’, already produced by Yah Man Records last November and today proposed again in this innovative remix. Check the videoclip already available on Youtube :


ITunes : https://goo.gl/1gfK5P

Believe player : https://player.believe.fr/v2/3614978336824

Spotify : https://goo.gl/Wp7zPR

Official Website : http://www.yahmanrecords.com/