ROTOTOM SUNSPLASH 2018 DAY 01 / Stars of the main stage : Julian Marley, Cocoa Tea Ft Koffee and Ben Harper

The first night of “Rototom Sunsplash 2018 – 25 years walking together” was explosive. The day one of the biggest European Reggae Festival started last evening with high-level performances. On the main stage there were Julian Marley from Jamaica, Cocoa Team ft Koffee from Jamaica and Ben Harper from Usa. Julian Marley & the Uprising gave us a great show as usual. “Juju” conquered the spectators reinterpreting some Bob Marley’s hits like One Love and Exodus. The brand new album of Julian Marley will be out very soon. Then there was the turn of Cocoa Tea that smashed up the stage. His energy was incredible for the whole performance and his special guest Koffee was the real revelation for the Rototom’s crowd. Koffee is only 18 years old, but her talent and intelligence is impressive. She was defining herself blessed to have the opportunity to share the stage with a veteran name of the Jamaican music as her mentor Cocoa Tea. Last star on the main stage was Ben Harper. Ben leaded the massive during the show with his historical band the Innocent Criminals and the sound of his own guitar. After it everyone moved in the dancehall area to enjoy Spice’s performance and the New Level Bcn Crew, sound system from Spain. Spice confirmed yesterday in Benicasim her title of “Reina of Dancehall” and we must give a big up to her official dancer Rebel as well. Tonight we’re attending legendary names on the main stage: Groundation (Usa), Sly & Robbie, Yellow Man, Johnny Osbourne, Bitty McLean (Jamaica/Uk) and “dulcis in fundo” Jimmy Cliff (Jamaica).

Article Eugenia Conti

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Skarra Mucci breaks down “Dancehall President” for Gege Vibes @Rototom Sunsplash ‘016

The dancehall president Skarra Mucci joined us in Spain last summer at Rototom Sunsplash 2016. In the back stage of festival’s main stage we had the opportunity to interview him before the show with Dub Inc. The singer explained us the power of dancehall vibes that are able to spread positivity in every person and we talked about his last musical project “Dancehall President”.

Interview Eugenia Conti 
Shooting Giorgio Nuzzo 
Editing Vincenzo Morello

Dancing & attitude rubric / Interview with Rafa Redvolcon from Barcelona

Nice interview with a great dancehall dancer from Barcelona : Rafa Redvolcon. We met the artist last summer during Rototom Sunsplash 2016 in Benicassim, Spain. Rafa was part of the official Rototom dancers Crew with Alevanille, Ragga Shugo, Irie Queen and Swaggi Maggi.

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Interview : Eugenia Conti 

Shooting : Giorgio Nuzzo 

Editing : Lucia Rosato 

SOUND SYSTEM RUBRIC / Video interview with Lexxy Lexx from Bass Odyssey (Jamaica)


Gege Vibes met Lexxy Lex in Rototom Sunsplash (Spain). He explained to us the history of his prestigious sound system : Bass Odyssey from Jamaica.



They are a team of 12 selecter known as the champions for excellence. We also had a talk with him about the culture of sound clashes and dubplates.

Interview Eugenia Conti Shooting Giorgio Nuzzo Editing Morello Selecta



Interview with Ziggi Recado / “My reggae lyrics from Amsterdam once again in the new Ep Ivan the Terrible”


We met Ziggi Recado, mad reggae singer from Amsterdam, last summer in Rototom Sunsplash 2016 (Spain). Gege Vibes interviewed the artist before his show on MainStage in line up with Jah 9 and Damian Marley. Ziggi Recado after a summer tour in Europe, Caribbean and America announced us the release of his last album “Ivan the terrible Ep” that contains the hit “Blessed”. A really nice reggae / rootz recording project.


Interview : Eugenia Conti

Shooting : Giorgio Nuzzo

Editing : Morello Selecta

Special thanks :  Rototom Sunsplash 

Yardie Lecce

DANCEHALL & ATTITUDE RUBRIC / Interview with Swaggi Maggi from Berlin

Gege Vibes interviewed Swaggi Maggi, baddest dancehall dancer from Berlin in Rototom Sunsplash (Spain) for the rubric “Dancehall & attitude”. She was part of the official Rototom’s dancehall dancers team last august.

dsc_6072 dsc_6082dsc_6088

We talked with this great dancer, choreographer and promoter about her artistic history. She has spoken about the importance to learn this kind of dance in Jamaica with the experience of Latonya Style, a woman that represents an inspiration for her. Maggi now is finally part of DanceJa team. At the end she explained the dancehall scene in her country : Germany.

Check the video interview :


Interview Eugenia Conti

Shooting Giorgio Nuzzo

Editing Lucia Rosato