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An Accomplished Entertainer

Regardless of the type of music whether it is hardcore urban, cool roots rock or a beautiful ballad, her songs address the issue of empowering women and accepting life forwhat it is. Great examples of these are chart toppers such as Bus Stop, Blaze, Can’t Love You Like Me featuring G Whizz, Baby Father with Vybz Kartel, Damage Goods, Time Of My Life with Beenie Man, Woman Power, We Can Survive – which is the campaign song behind her Stop ‘Violence Against Women’ campaign, Believe In Yourself, Whine Factory, Badmind Buk, Just Go and her recently released hit single No Worries with fellow female artiste Spice.

She won the 2011 and 2012 Music Achievers Award for Female Singjay of The Year and Break Free, Stronger and Bus Stop have all acquired number 1 spots on several local and overseas charts spanning as long as two months. In 2013 D’Angel toured the USA receiving standing ovations, and has scheduled performances worldwide, including, UK, Africa and the Caribbean. With songs such as March Out, Fresh Bed and Unstoppable which created a massive buzz on major airwaves, D’Angel’s career is ever expanding as she looks to new horizons for more productive opportunities. Her aim is to accomplish the highest distinction in music.

Since 2017, D’Angel has been chosen by the IED Awards committee as the recipient of their 2017 Female Artiste Of The Year, an award only given to females who have empowered others through their music.

  • YVA’s Young Hot and Hype Award 2008
  • YVA’s Best Dressed Female Award 2009
  • Winner of the Digicel’s People’s Choice
  • Awards 2009
  • Stone love Female DJ of the year 2009
  • Linkage Awards Female DJ of the year
  • 2010
  • Reggae Sumfest 2000,2009,2010
  • [Performance]
  • IRAWMA Awards [Performance and
  • nomination) 2000,2009,2010
  • IED Female Artiste Of The Year Award
  • 2017

Michelle Angella Downer, more popularly known as D’Angel, is a quadruple threat diva with an array of gifts and talents. She successfully manages a full life, one which does not detract from the kindness of her character, as those around her will attest; she is a very down to earth, genuine and warm woman.

It does not stop there however, as she is constantly looking for ways to expand her reach and to perfect her crafts. Originally from Spanish Town, St. Catherine, D’Angel, displayed an extraordinary affinity for the arts as a child, participating in school plays, excelling in creative dancing, folk/jazz and modern.

She is multi-talented and multifaceted and this began to manifest from her childhood days and blossomed further as she matured. D’Angel is also athletic and an avid lover and player of netball, so much so that she was even drafted to play for Jamaica’s under nineteen national team.

Although, she is multi-talented, music is her single most intimate passion. Consequently, D’Angel has an unwavering work ethic when it comes to her music; one that urges her to put a lot of time and effort into each production creating hit after hit.and multifaceted and this began to manifest from her childhood days and blossomed further as she matured. D’Angel is also athletic and an avid lover and player of netball, so much so that she was even drafted to play for Jamaica’s under nineteen national team.

D’Angel’s music propagates a confidence and independence in the minds of her fans and supporters. She often sings inspirational stories of perseverance for example her hit single “Stronger” Through these hair raising oratory performances, she hopes to touch the lives of those she reaches in an effort to uplift them. She is now D’Angel in the dancehall arena and in the hearts of the Jamaican and international fans.

With the continued ascension of her career and business ventures, D’Angel is fast headed to becoming Jamaica’s most productive and loved professionals. D’Angel is recognized as dancehall’s “First Lady”, locally and internationally. Working with renowned artistes such as, Grammy award winning Jamaican deejay Beenie Man, on the hit single “One Man” in 2006. Since then she has collaborated with several other internationally acclaimed artistes such as Vybz Kartel, Sean Kingston and DJ Link. The captivating D’Angel brings her energy and vivacity to all her performances leaving her audience wanting more. Saucy lyrics, charismatic stage presence with fresh sounds would best describe her style.

As a model, D’Angel has enjoyed much success on and off the runway, doing exceptionally well in major pageants. She was placed third in Ms. Ponds Skin, Beauty & Brains Competition and she also competed on the international stage in Philadelphia. There she stood out from the crowd being the only black model and only Jamaican and the statuesque beauty was placed second out of 350 women in Ms. Barbizon High Fashion. 

D’Angel is a Style and Model Icon with a uniquely fierce runway presence, and is currently the only female dancehall artiste who is also a run-way model. She was recently selected as Campari’s brand ambassador for ‘The Observer takes Style Out’ 2013, acting in the capacity of a model, she made an indelible mark on the catwalk which had her fans in a frenzy.

D’Angel has enjoyed a very prosperous career as a model and as the main proprietor of a lucrative fashion business Angel’s Boutique.

More recently D’Angel has tapped into her sexier side and has launched her lingerie line XPosed by D’Angel inspired by her single Exposed.

Exploring her other talents, D’Angel has had grand success in her acting career. She played the role of Robin alongside Paul Campbell in the thriller Jamaican Mafia, released in late 2013. Critics have referred to it as the “biggest film to come out of the US featuring world-famous Jamaican actors”. She also made a phenomenal impression on Jamaica’s local comedy series “The Ity and Fancy Cat Show”.

The heights of the pandemic allowed her to shine even further as her social media pages and youtube channel were abuzz with Pamela, a character in which she portrays a comedic news anchor who is disgruntled with the stories in the news as well as her poor working conditions. Other characters she has are Suzie, a cook shop operator with poor customer service and Ashley, a ditzy spoled rich girl who is clueless about anything outside her own sphere of existence.

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