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Dukes of Roots’ Debut Album Releases Today Featuring Stephen Marley

In an epoch marked by division, Dukes of Roots emerges as a unifying force, infusing the global scene with their debut album, officially released today – February 28th, 2024.

This self-titled album is available now, promising a remarkable musical experience for listeners worldwide. Led by guitarist and primary songwriter T Rod, the band features iconic Jamaican musicians such as the bassist George “Fully” Fullwood, Grammy-winning producer Sean “YoungPow” Diedrick, Grammy-winning drummer Courtney “Bam” Diedrick and the Congolese lead singer Mermans “Mo Faya” Mosengo.

The album boasts collaborations with renowned international artists such as Tarrus Riley, Kabaka Pyramid, Andrew Tosh, Natiruts, Darius Rucker and more. A standout track is the powerful performance with renowned Grammy-winning artist Stephen Marley in the emotional “Stick with Love”, accompanied by the official lyric video out today too. Marley’s velvety vocals seamlessly blend with soulful melodies, offering a profound involvement in listening.

Guided by Grammy-winning producer Sean “YoungPow” Diedrick and co-producer Rod Walkey, the production achieves a perfect fusion of traditional reggae elements with modern techniques. The tracklist features a mix of original compositions like “Cross The Rubicon”, reinterpretations, including a soulful rendition of Toots “Pressure Drop”, and offers a kaleidoscopic view of the band’s artistic versatility.

Dukes of Roots aims to spread positivity and unity through their music, evident in tracks like “Stick with Love”, “Try Happy” and “Feel the love”, embodying the essence of reggae at its finest.

The name Dukes of Roots transcends its mere identification as a band; it symbolises a movement. With a nod to their regal talents and profound musical roots, the band invites audiences worldwide to partake in a love affair with reggae that knows no boundaries.

“Dukes of roots” debut album serves not merely as a release but as a celebration of togheterness, consciousness, peace, the enduring power of reggae and love in every form.

Dukes of Roots beckons music enthusiasts to embark on this sonic journey underlining that, in the language of reggae, love is the universal melody that binds us all.

Immerse yourself in “Dukes of roots” album, feel the love and let the reggae rhythms transport you to a realm where love defies geographical confines.


1. Cross The Rubicon
2. Stick With Love feat. Stephen Marley
3. Pressure Drop feat. Tarrus Riley
4. Feel The Love (Remix) feat. Kabaka Pyramid
5. Tosh feat. Andrew Tosh
6. Try Happy feat. Natiruts
7. John Punch (remake) feat. Darius Rucker
8. I Can See Clearly Now feat. Titi Tsira
9. Cross The Rubicon (Dub by Scientist)

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