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The Passover Riddim Project / Uniting Nations through Reggae Music

Reggae music has always been more than just a sound; it’s a vibrant movement, a collective effort, a living culture. From its roots in Jamaica to its global audience today, to its resounding influence worldwide, reggae continues to evolve while remaining rooted in its core values of unity and self-expression.

The Passover Riddim is a project produced by Greezzly Label from Italy.

Infused with the pulsating rhythms of Jamaica and anchored by the classic one-drop beat, this project unites a diverse array of artists from across the globe, all bound by the same passion for reggae.

At its heart, Passover Riddim pays homage to Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae. Superstars like Fantan Mojah and Richie Spice lead the charge, their powerful vocals echoing the spirit of the island. Joined by Chezidek, Perfect Giddimani, Ras Penco and others, this playlist is a celebration of Jamaica’s enduring influence on reggae music.

But Passover Riddim doesn’t stop there. It showcases the diverse talents of West African artists, introducing them to global audiences in collaboration with Nile Muzik and DJ Lass Angel Vibes. From the virtuoso tenor of Dread Vivas to the soulful sound of Original Paupers, the African contingent adds a new dimension to the reggae experience.

Tragically, the project also serves as a tribute to the late Kambano, a revered Senegalese artist whose voice graced the riddim before his untimely passing. His song calls for justice and peace, a poignant reminder of reggae’s role as a voice for the marginalised and oppressed.

To complete the journey, the Passover Riddim project offers a dub version, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the rhythmic landscapes created by the producer. It’s a fitting conclusion to a musical journey that transcends borders and unites nations through the power of reggae.

In a world where hate and division seem to be the norm, Passover Riddim stands as a beacon of hope and solidarity. It’s a reminder that music has the power to bridge gaps, connect cultures and inspire changes. So let the rhythms of Passover Riddim wash over you and join in the celebration of reggae’s universal appeal. It’s a joyous reminder of reggae’s timeless allure.

Passover Riddim Youtube Playlist

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