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(READ) Mc Olde from Sentinel Sound (Germany): “We spread the message around the world”


Sentinel Sound is Germany’s most famous Sound System reggae and dancehall, and it is between the most prestigeous ones in the whole Europe.
The team, named World Champion Sound System, has turned the whole planet in the name of this kind of music, winning lots of world clashes like the one of Brooklin in 2005…
Gege Vibes has video-interviewed Olde, a member of the crew, mc and dj, before Sentinel Sound’s show at Palarock of Aradeo (Salento) together with Sud Sound System.

We are in Salento with Sentinel sound before the show of tonight in Aradeo with Sud Sound System. Are you happy to be here today?

Oh yes, we love Salento and so more, the winter is a pleasure time. The people really enjoy what we do and the music, so it’s really a pleasure to be here again.

What about the beginning of your music journey and why did you create a sound system?

Right now we get a new generation of Sentinel Sound. There are Nadia and other members who all create and found Sentinel Sound. For us it’s an honor to play in a famous and big sound system because Sentinel Sound is such a longest team over all the years, in the past.  They did so many like historical takes. We’re so thankful, for the chance to play something like this.


And you are a Sound System from Germany. Recently you have celebrated the 17° anniversary of Sentinel Sound. What does reggae and dancehall music represent in your life?

The way of playing music, because music is our life. You know, we play every weekend. We do this like a job, a side job, so we give all time into this project and whatever we do, we do it for Sentinel, for reggae music. For us, music is life.

What about your clashes and the victories? Like in Brooklyn… Why don’t you tell us something about your clashes history?

Yes, in Brooklyn it was the most famous one, for Sentinel Sound was the first big global battle for Sound System. This clash made us famous, gave us a name. Got us recognized as a big Sound System. But we have another clash coming up, so we are not quite yet!

Really? Where?

A big clash is coming up in the United States. You can find all the information on our social networks. Me and Daniel organized everything, he is the other one of the “clash team”.  It’s really interesting! It’s a big live, for sure and there will be lots of Sound Systems.


You look satisfied! What about your project with Lion D? You’re the producer of his mixtape.

Yeah, it was nice, a really nice project and he’s a cool guy. It’s very cool to work with talented artist, ‘cause if you make a mixtape project you actually need to “mix”: for example, I made up an Acappella, a special instrumental version, putting little parts together for making the mixtape, you know, more fancy; if you work with a big big artist, you need to call him, to text him, and it takes 2/3/4 days. Instead, whereas you work with such an artist and he is interested to work WITH you, then 2 hours later it’s done, ready. Lion D has been like a friend who looks at you from outside, together we focused on what they want, it was very very cool!

So I bet you like the Italian scene!?

Oh yes, just think of this month, we came 4 times! In one month! So, Italy love Sentinel Sound and we love Italy!

What about your future project?

Well, mainly playing around the world, spread the “message”of Sentinel Sound: reggae and dancehall. As we have some hashtags saying like #TravelingInTheNameOfReggae. So, we go around the world, throughout different places, different cities, different countries… just to spread the message. It’s all we want!

Interview : Eugenia Conti

Shooting : Giorgio Nuzzo

Mounting : Vito Rutigliano

English and italian subtitles : Simona Mele

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