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(WATCH) Interview with Assassin a.k.a. Agent Sasco: “I’m winning right now trying to be the best ambassador I can for my music”

We met Agent Sasco in Salento (South Italy) after his mad or “pazzo” show in Mamanera Reggae Beach. The Jamaican artist, really known also in Europe, is trying to be the best ambassador he can for his music. In fact, his style is typically dancehall but his lyrics have strong contents. He talks about important social issues as climate changes, poverty and illnesses. Waiting for his future projects on 2018, Assassin explained us in what means exactly “The theory of reggaetivity” as well as the title of his last album (2016). The singer invited us to check the new videoclip already online on Youtube of his last song “Winning right now” that he has realized with the participation of his lovely family.

  • Interview: Eugenia Conti
  • Shooting: Anna Roots
  • Editing: Shaban Shira

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