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(READ) NEW RELEASE / PressKay’s “Destiny” – Official Videoclip – with special appearances Tarrus Riley and Kabaka Pyramid

“What is for you is for you, what is for me, is for me… Everyone rules his own destiny”, said the chorus of the beautiful Press Kay’s song titled Destiny. We already knew the tune from last year because it was the title track of Destiny Riddim, produced in 2018 by the Jamaican producer Young Pow and distributed by Ghetto Youths International. When Destiny Riddim was released we remained positively impressed about the version of the young Jamaican artist because of her lyricism and consciousness.

We used to consider Press Kay mostly a dancehall singer, but we definitely appreciated her even more in this reggae way. The official video clip, shooted and edited by Bussweh, an eclectic and multi-talented filmmaker made in Jamaica, is just online and it is the perfect added value to this meaningful single. Em-press Kay has chosen to underline the strong connection with the motherland of Africa, evident in her outfit and in the background.

The talented performer, recording artist, interviewer, and PR have touched this video on important topics such as slavery and the recent situation of refugees in Libia, showing her awareness of the history and the present. In the videoclip some reggae superstars have decided to appear like Tarrus Riley and Kabaka Pyramid. Definitely, the official video clip of Destiny is a very good look for this Jamaican female rising star.

Eugenia Conti

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