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(READ) OUT NOW / “Beat of resistance” by Italian Freedom Fighters to oppose the Turkish dictatorship

BEAT OF RESISTANCE is the brand new single of ITALIAN FREEDOM FIGHTERS, a team of 19 artists from all over the Italian peninsula.

14 singers:

TREBLE LU PROFESSORE, JULIA LENTI, TONY (Cattivo Sangue), GIULIO FERRANTE (Radici nel Cemento), LIZARD (Shock Very Noise), ROCKY GANJAVOX, CHALA DZ CHAM LOWE ,SPEAKER TEX ,NUR-GUL, SAM D, FILOMENA DE LEO (Medinabox) ,FIDO GUIDO ,TINA MINERVA (La Rocha) & RIFLE. Plus five musicians: RAINA (Villa Ada Posse), ADRIANO BONO (Reggae Circus), POPPY CIRCUITELEMENT (Shock very noise), LUIGI MIACOLA (The Navigator), COSIMO MIACOLA (Young T Bone).

Released on May 18th, the song is composed with the aim of giving solidarity to Yorum Group, a Turkish band, victim of the repression of the fascist Erdogan. It was created with the main intention of denouncing this form of strong repression, which caused the death of two of its members, following a deadly hunger strike. You will listen to verses full of love, solidarity, and especially RESISTANCE. Listen and spread the message.

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