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(READ) Why Giving Us A Bouquet of Flowers Won’t Change Anything

To my fellow male readers,

I know I may seem like a real buzzkill (after all I’m such a mean person for questioning the patriarchal system that secures your position of privilege in our everyday society), but I feel the need to write about the hypocrisy of men occasionally celebrating the International Women’s Day. I’d like to say that I’m sorry for possibly hurting your fragile masculinity, but the truth is that I really don’t give a damn.

In fact, you should know that celebrating women for just one day per year does not make you a true gentleman, but a cunthead. (And yes, stop using the word dick all the time. A little spoiler for you: we women are also equipped with a fully working reproductive organ, oh my God what a blasphemy I’ve just said! So why any word evoking our vagina is still considered taboo? It’s just human nature, isn’t it?)

You should celebrate us, value us, accept us, help us take our rightful place in society , understand us and, above all, protect us every single day of the year. You should teach young boys about the importance of women from an early age and explain what consent really means.

Mostly, you should give us the same opportunities, rights, and pay. And if you’ll do that, maybe…just maybe, we will accept your hypocritical flowers without question.

But until then, the struggle is still going on and you should pick a side.

Are you really with us?

Oh, one last thing: if you think my article is merely a sterile and pointless complaint, it means that you are part of the problem as well. And when I say that you should celebrate us, I mean all of us: my amazing Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latina, Queer, Trans, and Disabled sisters.

Now you can finally go back to writing your feminist posts on your social media and then murdering us the next day without suffering any consequences.

Thank you for your attention and goodbye!


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