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(WATCH) Interview with Luciano The Messenjah: “Let’s unite praying Jah and the World will heal”

We interviewed veteran Artist LUCIANO THE MESSENJAH in London following the rehearsals of his 2022 UK Tour. Luciano gave many beautiful and inspiring messages about peace during a very dramatic moment of the wartime situation in the World.

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The Reggae Singer pointed out how important it is in life to love and to have respect for the elders, women and children. It is the point of departure for respecting everyone in the World. He added not to forget to respect the Almighty God and the nature, ultimate sources of life. He also presented us the new album “The return of the Chronicles”, a remake of his major hits, like “It’s me again Jah”, “Lord Give me the Strength”, “Carry Jah Load” and many more, with a more contemporary sound.

Interviewer: Eugenia Conti

Shooting: Anna Roots

Editing: DrummStudio

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