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Sirius Flame / Young Blazing Artist Ignites the New Dancehall Scene

Milan-native Davide Cozzi, born in the early 2000s, has emerged as the youngest force in the realm of Italian-made Dancehall music. Operating under the pseudonym Sirius Flame, his artistic journey encompasses a vast and dynamic project showcasing his talent.

Deeply rooted in Jamaican culture from a young age, Sirius Flame’s connection with the genre was ignited by his brother, exposing him to live performances and musical sessions. Carving his path in Dancehall and Reggae, Sirius Flame discovered his innate talent and passion for singing, following the trail set by his brother.
Diving into professionalism at the age of 17, Sirius Flame engaged in collaborations with social projects, allowing him to grace the stage at numerous live musical events in northern regions of Italy. The crucial turning point came in 2019 when he relocated to Barcelona, immersing himself in creating a personalized Dancehall sound, drawing inspiration from Afrobeat and Latin American music.
The unveiling of his debut EP, titled “YOUTH,” marked a significant milestone in Sirius Flame’s musical odyssey. Comprising five tracks entirely written by him and expertly mastered by Daddy Cobra, this EP served as an exhilarating introduction to the world of Sirius Flame. Tracks like “Neva Change” and “Kawasaki” paved the way for his evolution as an artist.

On November 30, Sirius Flame elevated his status with the release of a groundbreaking single, “Yuh Nuh Bad,” a collaboration with the acclaimed DJ Assassin.

Known as a London-based producer and a key member of Stylo G’s management team, DJ Assassin’s influence added a unique touch to Sirius Flame’s repertoire. The single was featured on “The Bell Riddim”, projecting Sirius Flame onto the international scene and establishing a significant bridge between the vibrant music scenes of the UK and Italy. On the same “The Bell Riddim” got featured prestigious names such as Stylo G & Nadia Rose, Antony B, Stamma Kid and many more.
Sirius Flame’s journey continues to carve a path through the realms of Dancehall and Reggae, fueled by his unwavering passion, unique sound, and promising collaborations marking the rise of this young Italian artist on the global stage. Keep an ear tuned to the rhythm of Sirius Flame as he sets the dancehall ablaze with his fervent talent.

Eugenia Conti

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