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(READ) Interview with Dawn Penn: “You don’t love me (No no no) was the first time experiencing lost love”

Gege Vibes Magazine met the Jamaican reggae singer Dawn Penn after her show in Brixton Jamm (London). Her career started in the rocksteady era, between 1967 and 1969, but she is well-known, especially for her single that became a worldwide hit in 1994 “You don’t love me… No no no”.

G.V: Good Afternoon and Thank you for having me. I wanna start to talk about you mentioning your most famous song “You don’t love me (No no no)” extracted from the album “No no no”. Why do you think that version made you so popular ?

D.P: Honestly, was the first time experiencing lost love. It was made me popular even because of the way I delivered it and I guess I had a special kay to interpretate it. Plus it was already popular in Jamaica since 1968. The song was recorded so many times, by me most of the times in dubs, but also by International Artists, Wu-Tang Clan, J. Mills, Lily Allen, Beyonce, Rihanna, Sean Paul, and more.

G.V: Indeed. “You don’t love me, No no no” was an international hit that reached a lot of charts: in Jamaica, America, and Europe. While what about your prestigious works with the legendary Studio One in Jamaica?

D.P: What I could say? I was just another artist passing through this big jamaican studio full of talents and history. I knew most of the artists there.

G.V: Tell us something about the best experiences of your career in UK and especially here in London. 

D.P: Experiences of my career in UK was “Top of the Pops” when I entered in the British Charts at Number 9 after I signed to WEA Corporation. Performing alongside MADNESS at Finsbury Park. When I came back when it was Number 3 alongside two hits songs as “Wet,Wet,Wet and “Big Mountain”.

G.V: What is the biggest satisfaction in your musical journey?

D.P: My biggest satisfaction is I was celebrating 50 years playing music last year and I’ll continue to feel the vibe.

G.V: Ok, can you give a greeting to our audience, please?

D.P: Buongiorno Gege Vibes audience. Eugenia Conti Blessings.

Article by Eugenia Conti

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