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(LISTEN) Romain Virgo’s LoveSick Album and European Tour 2018 Reviewed by Gege Vibes

“LoveSick” is the new Romain Virgo’s album, released last March 30, 2018, and mainly produced by his manager Niko Browne of LifeLine Music. We already knew that Romain was a talent, but it seems that this time he has improved his artistic skills even more.

The album, composed of 16 tracks, is a nice tribute to the strongest feeling on Earth: love. The artist from Saint Ann, Jamaica, talks once again about the sentiment that has the strength to move the World. A lot of important Jamaican names gave their credits to this project as Donovan Germain of Vp Records, Dean Fraser, Sting International, and more.


  1. Face To Face
  2. Lovesick
  3. Cruise
  4. In This Together
  5. Day In Day Out
  6. Cannot Close My Eyes
  7. Sweet Liar
  8. Unbreakable
  9. Trouble
  10. Hold On
  11. Will You Be There
  12. Now
  13. Still
  14. Heartbeat
  15. Stay With Me
  16. Caress Me

At the end of the day, what struck me in a positive way are especially the contents of the album’s themes. Romain addresses the “subject” of the love to the fullest singing about the lost and found ones. This topic may seem something obvious and too used in the songs, but I think that in today’s society is a rarity that young artists still compose lyrics like those. Today it seems that everything is about the money, the success based on the fake appearances and the mere fun. Romain, with LoveSick Album, teaches or reminds people that only when we are in love we could see the things with different eyes transforming the everyday routine into something of unique and unrepeatable.

The LoveSick track that really makes me crazy is “Still” on the Skyscraper Riddim by Richie Stephens.

In “Still” the artist asks his partner if she is still in love with him. The meaning of the song is very beautiful because it shows a version of Romain Virgo able to express the most sensitive part of himself without filters.

From the Studio to the Stage

If the album enchanted us, the live concerts were even better. On the stages the sound was sweet reggae, contaminated with pop and soul. The melodic voice of Romain was accompanied by his very good band. The audience was involved and passionated in a no-stop show of almost two hours. We also really appreciated the voice of the young female artist in open act Sevana, from Kingston.

We followed as Gege Vibes Magazine two shows of Romain Virgo’s European tour: on April 1st in Amsterdam during the event Reggaeville Easter Special and on April 8th in East London at Scala.

Eugenia Conti

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